Guide to Finding The Best Handheld Vacuum

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With the wide array of handheld vacuums in the market, picking the best handheld vacuum that’s right for you can quite a daunting task if not an impossible one. To add salt to injury, most of these renown brands encompass their products with tons and tons of features, some gimmicky and in the end leave the ordinary consumers utterly confused on which products to go for.

However, all that hustle can be avoided by narrowing down your search criteria based on your daily needs and preferences. Some of the things to consider are:

Handheld Vacuums For Hardwood Floor

Although hardwood floors have a nice aesthetic view to them and are durable in nature, they are sometimes problematic in that they are dust and pet hair magnets.

Hardwood floors can also easily scratch when hard bristle brushes are used to clean them. It is therefore important to choose one that has a high suction power, uses a soft fiber cloth or brush a with soft bristles to clean and has accessories such as a soft dusting brush and a crevice tool for those stubborn stains.

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Handheld Vacuums For Carpet

Carpets can easily fall victims to dust accumulation and it is therefore important that frequent cleaning is performed on them.

Handheld vacuums suitable for dealing with carpet issues usually have high suction strength and come packed with extra accessories such as a a scrubbing brush. Brushes make the particles loose while the strong suction pulls them away.

Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair

If you have a pet, high chances are that your pet is leaving a long trail of pet hair which is not only ugly but a health hazard too. First, consider getting a corded handheld vacuum that has a strong suction to suck all the pet hair out and posses an upholstery tool to remove the pet hair. Secondly, choose one that has extra accessories such as rubber attachments and easy to remove filters such as HEPA filters for health purposes.

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Corded vs. Cordless

The preference by most people for cordless handheld vacuums stems from the fact that they are portable. Its portability and relative ease of use makes it ideal for quick cleaning of areas such as cars and other small areas of the house.

On the other hand, corded hand vacuums are usually considered as the most powerful handheld vacuum machines available, and thus the preferred option when thorough cleaning is required because of their superior suction power. One drawback of the cordless over the corded is that it is battery operated hence limiting hours of use while with the corded, one will use it for unlimited periods of time.

Wet/Dry Functionality

Not all portable vacuum cleaners can handle dry and wet situations all together. Liquids tend to require more suction power and should you go for one that can cleans both the dry and wet materials, then consider one that has the higher power. Also try and consider the one with the most accessories for better cleaning results.


Cleaning the house should be enjoyable and make you feel like doing it everyday. Having a heavy handheld cleaner will surely negate your cleaning experience. Should you prefer a light weight one, choose one with less features and attached accessories for easy handling and portability.

Suction Power

Suction strength varies from one handheld cleaner to another. Corded ones tend to posses more suction power even when compared against the best cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. Always ensure that you choose one based on the suction power that you need.

Battery life

For a cordless handheld vacuum, the bigger the battery the more the juice the more the battery life. Again focus on the technology used and the battery capacity. Another way of increasing the battery life is having a portable battery.

Recharge time

Batteries recharge at different rates depending on the input charge and the size of the battery. It is also good idea to stick to the duration required to charge the battery until it’s full otherwise you risk degrading it hence affecting the time it takes to fully charge and discharge.


This is greatly dependent on the job at hand. People who will use it much more often over a larger space will probably be best positioned to opt for a handheld portable vacuum that has a large capacity. For folks who only need it for light cleaning or touch ups, a lower capacity is just fine.

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