Frequently Asked Questions

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ElectNet Frequently Asked Questions:

Who writes ElectNet?

Our Editor-in-Chief is Tom Fagan. He manages the site, answers your e-mail, updates links and adds the best information from around the net. The editorial updates are written by regulars all over the country.

How can I write for ElectNet?

We'd be happy to have you join the ranks of our staff of contributing editors. All submissions must cover topics related to politics and must be signed in order to be considered for publication. They become the property of e-Media and no compensation is offered for published articles and essays.

Who pays for ElectNet?

e-Media underwrites the development and maintenance of ElectNet as a public service. If you would like to become a sponsor, send us your name and contact information on our Feedback form.

Our staff of contributing editors is comprised of politically astute individuals who donate their time to write editorials for their states on the e-Media designed publishing tool.

Who is e-Media?

e-Media is an e-commerce streaming company that can turn any customer's web site into a moneymaking machine. e-Media delivers unique and innovative consumer-centric Internet "experiences" for leaders in the entertainment, commerce, technology and business-to-business fields.

e-Media intelligently wraps micro-marketing and e-commerce applications around a high-quality video stream, maximizing viewer involvement and revenue opportunities for clients. Complementing their Microsoft-authorized broadband content distribution network, e-Media services include unlimited live and on-demand video streaming capabilities, highly specialized content management, real-time analysis of online behavior patterns, data mining and micro-marketing.

e-Media clients include, Columbia/TriStar Pictures, Conde Nast Publications, EarthCam, GE Capital, HBO, the House of Blues, MGM, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, Reuters, Showtime, Sony, Virgin Atlantic, Warner Brothers, the World Wrestling Federation and ZDTV.