Bios of our contributing editors

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ElectNet Personnel:

    Publisher : John Engel -- [ ]
    Editor-in-Chief : Tom Fagan -- [ ]

John Engel : Publisher

John Engel is Managing Partner of e-Media and online marketing consultant. He's watching trends in the online industry with an understanding of what can be done technically, and more importantly what should be done strategically to solve a client's particular need. John is a graduate of Davidson College and was a lieutenant in Desert Storm. Experience includes multimedia presentations for the American Stock Exchange and ITT, high-end web sites for TVData and Accountants on Call, and an investor relations BBS for ITT. Other marketing efforts include merchandising and strategic marketing experience with Rollerblade, Harley Davidson, Westpoint Stevens, and Wilson Sporting Goods.

Tom Fagan : Editor-in-Chief

Tom Fagan is the Editor-in-Chief of the ElectNet website. He has over thirty years of experience in the political arena serving political campaigns at both the local and national levels. Tom served as press secretary for two congressional campaigns. He has also participated in the political process as a ward chairman, local party vice-chair, elected Justice of the Peace and candidate for state representative.

Tom Fagan is an author of three books including the recently re-issued "The Republican Century" published by He has written articles for the Ohio Review, New Haven Register, Princeton University Press and Spider-Man Chronicles.

Tom holds a Master of Arts Degree in English Literature from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Connecticut. His previous work experience includes teaching English at Ohio University and Lane College, working as a psychiatric social worker and autistic counselor.

If you would like to contact Tom Fagan, send him an e-mail at