ANCWL doesn’t stand for women like Khwezi

Sat 29 October 2016 | -- (permalink)

The African National Congress Womens League(ANCWL) is known for standing bahind women in-general, women who comes out against women abuse, rape, and other women injustices get their amnesty in full “Wa thindi bafazi wa thindi MBOKODO”.

But not Khwezi – the HIV+ woman who was raped by President Zuma, or the four #Remeber Khwezi girls who showed up on Saturday during Zuma speech. The ANC Womens League President came out to criticize the four girls against the Saturday silent protest saying the timing was wrong. The four unknown girls caring the placards written #Remember Khwezi invaded the stage as President Jacob Zuma’s was givin the most important speech to the nation on saturday during the IEC 2016 Local election official announcement. She says the group of activists, who silently demonstrated during President Jacob Zuma’s address at the national election results centre, were used by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to embarrass him.

According to the reports the four girls where mistreated, man-handled by the members of the security and were later arrest of charges of security bridge on President Zuma.

The ANCWL has never given even a single word of support nor motivation to the poor four women fighting for the same cause which the Women’s league was found and based under.

But came out strongly against them demanding answer from both the security agencies and the IEC over the President Jacob Zuma security.

Maybe things have changed because so much has happened, now we have Premier League,and many more things happening within the liberation struggle movement, lets just sit back and relax maybe they will help the #Remeber Kwezi four achieve what they are trying to do.

The security cluster together with the EC are investigating the possible security bridge happened on Saturday during the Zuma speech. Minister Mahlobo said the heads will roll on this one…