Advertising in ElectNet and services we offer

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Sponsorship Opportunities and Services:

We offer three services to political organizations and companies involved in the political arena:

    Home Page: The production and maintenance of a page or site.
    ElectNet: A linkable graphic on a State, Updates or Other page.
    ListServer: The formation of a list of e-mail addresses and the automatic sending of e-mail correspondence to that list.

Home Page:

    Client to provide photographs and copy by mail and $500 set-up fee.
    e-Media to design, produce and serve three pages for a client within one week.
    Client reviews for accuracy and may provide links to affiliated sites (ie. party sites, organizations, government sites)
    e-Media will support the site indefinitely on our server with sufficient bandwidth and will implement text changes to the site whenever necessary.
    Client agrees to $50 monthly serving charge and may terminate the contract at any time with 30 days notice.
    Clients may elect to transfer their site to another provider with 30 days notice.
    e-Media reserves the right to stop serving for reason of non-payment.

Sponsorship of ElectNet:

    Sponsorship of ElectNet is the best way for a candidate or organization to get their message in front of the greatest number of politically-minded people. ElectNet is viewed by 5,000 to 10,000 people every day.
    Sponsorship is limited to one sponsor per state and one sponsor for additional editorial areas, such as Updates.
    Client to provide photograph, logo and copy by mail and $3000. quarterly sponsorship fee.
    Client will indicate a state or page on ElectNet to sponsor. If a state is sponsored, client may reserve the next sponsorship opportunity there.
    See the ElectNet FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for additional options regarding the presentation of an advertisement, including animations, alternating ads, sound and multimedia.


    Client to provide an database file of names and e-mail addresses of recipients. e-Media will work with the client to get the client's file in database form. e-Media will not type names in from a hard-copy printout.
    e-Media will set up an address, for example:
    e-mail sent to that address will be redirected to everyone in the database, instantly, automatically.
    Recipients will be able to unsubscribe from the list automatically by replying by e-mail to the list with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line.
    Set up of the list is $1 per name. Monthly charge of $50 allows the client unlimited e-mail to the list.
    Clients can add the ListServe option to their Internet site. Filling out a form allows visitors to the site to automatically sign up for the List.

Brokers are protected. Commissions are paid on all sales.

All coordination of ElectNet efforts should go through