2016 Local Elections: DA leads ANC in the major metros

Sat 29 October 2016 | -- (permalink)

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is likely to scoop the four major metros that almost every party was vying for during the Local Government Elections.

DA’s Jamie Selfe confirmed that the Party was leading in the Johannesburg metro, Tshwane Metro, Nelson Mandela Bay and Ekurhuleni. Results released early this morning from the IEC Results Operating Centre show great electoral outcomes for the DA. Hotly contested NMB Metro is likely to be led the DA as they 56 percent votes, while the African National Congress (ANC) has 35 percent.

In Tshwane the DA has 48 percent votes while the ANC stands at 40. In Ekurhuleni the DA stands with 44 percent of vote and the ANC has 42 percent. In Johannesburg the DA is leading at 45 percent while the ANC is slowing climbing up at 40.

Traditionally, the counts from townships and poorer areas come in later, and those are areas more likely to favour the ANC over the DA.

In National results the ANC is leading with 55 percent and the DA follows with 34 percent, while the Economic Freedom Fighters are slowly struggling with 5 percent.

Selfe said growth in support for the DA across South Africa as early results come into the Centre, bode well for the DA’s electoral outcomes. “In a stamp of approval for the DA’s governance record, voters in Cape Town have re-elected the DA with a resounding majority, which we can project to be our strongest result in Cape Town ever. Voters have endorsed the DA record of good governance in Cape Town in their numbers,”

He added they have also managed to be re-elected by the Midvaal, he added the win is a clear recognition of the DA’s successes in governing the Municipality. “We can also now confirm that the Kouga Municipality in the Eastern Cape and the Cape Agulhas Municipality in the Western Cape is projected to be an outright majority for the DA, and we look forward to bringing the DA difference to Kouga and Cape Agulhas,” said Selfe.

“In the Western Cape results so far show that voters have come out to re-elect the DA with outright majorities in Bergrivier, Langeberg, and Overstrand returning the DA to govern,” said Selfe.